A majority of work equipment relies on a stable server, storage, and networking architecture. As data and packet analysis continue to gain importance, businesses are increasingly dependent on the smooth functioning of their servers, as well as the reliability of their storage and networking equipment.

Ameta provides various server, storage, and networking solutions to its clients in order to help them optimize or increase their current capacity. We work with mainstream manufacturers like HPE, IBM, Lenovo & Cisco among others and customize our solutions according to your specific needs.

¤ We offer better performance with the same server capacity.
¤ Energy costs savings, thanks to reduced cooling needs.
¤ Lower maintenance and management costs, due to decreased downtime.
¤ Postponement of hardware investments to a later date.
¤ Reliable servers, storage, and networking equipment.

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If you want to optimize or upgrade your current work environment, or if you are interested in the management or maintenance of your hardware, please contact us.


25,000+ in stock

With more than 25,000 spare parts in stock, and a large network of suppliers located on five continents, Ameta can help you service any equipment part you need, in a timely manner.

We carry most major brands in our inventory, and we specialize in helping our customers locate hard-to-find items.
All items in our inventory have a minimum 90 days warranty and we have the ability to ship the same day to most locations around the world.

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Whether you are a large maintenance company in need for large quantities of parts, or you are looking for additional hard drives for your server, please contact us.


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