Disposing of your end-of-life IT assets in an environmentally friendly manner.

Ameta will assist you with managing and disposing of that said equipment in a safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible way. Due to government regulations, there are rules that most companies must follow pertaining to the disposal of EOL IT equipment. The main directives are the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive, as well as the 1998 Data Protection Act and GPDR – all require that businesses dealing with sensitive data keep that data backed up and secured at all times.

Data Erasure Program
The 1998 Data Protection Act does not require all companies to discard their data. However, we strongly recommend that you have the data properly – and safely – discarded from your equipment. Our Data Erasure Program will help you with this task.

Recycling Program
You can help reduce e-waste and follow the environmental regulations set by the government when you dispose of your IT equipment. Respecting the environmental regulations of your country is essential when disposing of your IT equipment. Ameta recycle various types of IT equipment, from hard drives, workstations and servers, to arrays and mainframes. We will pick up your equipment from any country around the world to ensure that it is disposed of at one of our partners’ recycling locations. We also certify that the pickup was successful by supplying you with a certificate of delivery.

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Convert excess assets into cash
Although your equipment may be approaching the End of Life threshold, it could still be valuable to other companies. If this is the case, you will benefit from our market expertise, and get fair market value for your disposed assets if you decide to resell them.

Trade-ins/Buyback programs
You send us a list of equipment, we send you fair market value and give you the option to convert your excess assets into cash or Ameta credit for future purchases. We cover all logistics.

Consignment programs
To assist you in selling your end-of-life assets, we also offer the option to resell the equipment for you on a consignment basis. If you choose to consign your unwanted assets, we will clean, test and repack your equipment, and sell it on your behalf.

Regardless of which program you choose, you stand to make a financial gain by getting a better ROI, and by taking advantage of our partnerships with specialized logistics companies.

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We strongly recommend that you have the data properly – and safely – discarded from your equipment. Our Data Erasure Program will help you with this task. We guarantee that your data is safely wiped, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Hard drives hold a large amount of confidential data, and without a proper wiping process, data can easily end up in the wrong hands, or be the source of a breach of confidentiality.

Strict regulations are in place in most countries. However, each country has a different process that it follows. Ameta runs the data erasure software Certus which is approved and certified to uphold GPDR standards in order to ensure your company does not face civil or criminal liability.

We adapt our services to meet your needs. Different wiping levels (1 and 3 overwriting rounds) are offered, each depending on your specific needs. We offer on-site and off-site solutions.

Our Data Erasure Program services:

¤ All necessary equipment and software are provided by Ameta.
¤ Shipping of the HDD between your site and ours is organized, and paid, by us.
¤ Various overwriting rounds that are based on your needs.
¤ Delivery of a data erasure certificate, including the serial numbers of each drive that was erased.
¤ Option of reselling your hard disk drives for a better ROI.
¤ Option of destroying your HDD with a procedure that complies with environmental laws (with destruction and recycling certificates).

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Data Migration
Whether you need to move your data for security reasons, or because of a need for hardware replacement, our team of specialists is available to lead and execute your migration, with minimal impact on your data’s availability.

We can plan the migration, and we can also perform it. Our technical staff can deal with multi-platform situations, and we will back up your data to keep it secure during the transition process.

Data Center Move
Moving your data center is an extremely critical task; it is the heart of your company’s operations. Any downtime is costly; therefore, quality and reliability are essential when you decide to relocate your computers and communication equipment.

Our focus is on the first phase of this 3-step time-sensitive project since this phase will determine the success of the entire operation. We work closely with your IT staff to understand your requirements, as well as the challenges ahead. We plan effectively to keep any disruption or outage to a minimum.

Ameta will meet with your IT staff. After an extensive review of your requirements, budget, and time constraints, we will create a detailed map of the move, from the human resources needed to the logistics of the project.

Our experience, along with our partnerships with local IT providers will ensure that when we move your equipment, this process goes safely and smoothly, with no data loss and limited downtime. Once the physical move is complete, we audit and monitor the performance of your new data center.


We have the knowledge to prepare, lead, and execute hardware installations for our customers in most countries – thanks to the help we receive from some of the best logistical companies that we partner with across the globe.

This partnership gives us the ability to provide services to customers and clients across four continents.

We have the ability to adapt to virtually any situation, regardless of what language is spoken by our customers when we arrive to install the IT hardware.

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13 years of experience, five continents served.

Drawing on more than 13 years of experience, our logistics desk advises our clients with the best international shipping and logistics solutions.

Our customers benefit from our special rates negotiated with the top freight companies. We provide various options based on speed of delivery, weight/dimensions constraints, and customs/import laws while assuring competitive prices and on-time deliveries.

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Short-term leases are the most cost effective way to keep all options open.

Ameta works with high residual values hence our very competitive rates.

We offer leasing contracts with as short as 12-month terms with a possibility to extend them on a monthly basis. The option to purchase the equipment at a lower cost than market value at the end of the lease is always available.

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Ameta offers an extensive array of IT services to help you manage and maintain your IT infrastructure efficiently, proactively and in a cost-effective manner.

Selecting the right partner to maintain your IT equipment is a critical part of your company’s IT asset lifecycle management. While reducing your IT maintenance cost is one of Ameta’s priorities, limiting excessive work and simplifying the organization of your maintenance contracts are also important objectives we are excited to help you with.

Ameta Maintenance Contracts:
¤ Standard (SLA: 24x7x4, 4 hours on site – labor included)
¤ Premium (SLA: 8x5xNBD, Next Business Day – labor included)
¤ Advanced (SLA: Same Day Shipping – spare parts only)

Why Ameta Hardware Maintenance Services?
¤ 24/7 Service Desk
¤ Hybrid solutions models available
¤ Global coverage
¤ Unbiased recommendations on support

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