Ameta offers an extensive array of IT services to help you manage and maintain your IT infrastructure efficiently, proactively and in a cost-effective manner.

Selecting the right partner to maintain your IT equipment is a critical part of your company’s IT asset lifecycle management. While reducing your IT maintenance cost is one of Ameta’s priorities, limiting excessive work and simplifying the organization of your maintenance contracts are also important objectives we are excited to help you with.

Ameta Maintenance Contracts:
¤ Standard (SLA: 24x7x4, 4 hours on site – labor included)
¤ Premium (SLA: 8x5xNBD, Next Business Day – labor included)
¤ Advanced (SLA: Same Day Shipping – spare parts only)

Why Ameta Hardware Maintenance Services?
¤ 24/7 Service Desk
¤ Hybrid solutions models available
¤ Global coverage
¤ Unbiased recommendations on support

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