Data Migration
Whether you need to move your data for security reasons, or because of a need for hardware replacement, our team of specialists is available to lead and execute your migration, with minimal impact on your data’s availability.

We can plan the migration, and we can also perform it. Our technical staff can deal with multi-platform situations, and we will back up your data to keep it secure during the transition process.

Data Center Move
Moving your data center is an extremely critical task; it is the heart of your company’s operations. Any downtime is costly; therefore, quality and reliability are essential when you decide to relocate your computers and communication equipment.

Our focus is on the first phase of this 3-step time-sensitive project since this phase will determine the success of the entire operation. We work closely with your IT staff to understand your requirements, as well as the challenges ahead. We plan effectively to keep any disruption or outage to a minimum.

Ameta will meet with your IT staff. After an extensive review of your requirements, budget, and time constraints, we will create a detailed map of the move, from the human resources needed to the logistics of the project.

Our experience, along with our partnerships with local IT providers will ensure that when we move your equipment, this process goes safely and smoothly, with no data loss and limited downtime. Once the physical move is complete, we audit and monitor the performance of your new data center.


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